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AAPE UK Annual Conference and AGM
Friday 23rd JUNE 2023


Date: Friday 23rd JUNE 2023
Time: 9 – 4.30pm
Venue: On-Line Conference

Confirmed Speakers:
Dr. Bev Harden, HEE
Dr. Deborah Harding, Associate Professor, Centre for Allied
Health, St George’s University of London
Lillian Maas, University of Rotterdam

The conference will provide a forum for critical debate around education,
supervision and regulation of advanced practice. The day will finish with the AAPE
UK Annual General Meeting.

Free registration :

We are keen to review (electronic) posters on the theme of Education,
Supervision and Regulation of Advanced Practice. Please do record your
presentation of your poster – please see Colette Henderson for details:

Call for posters: Closing date is Monday 22 nd May 2022.

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Abstract Submission Form

Presenter Biographies

Association of Advanced Practice Educators UK and Hallam Medical announce new partnership agreement

We are excited to announce our new partnership agreement with Hallam Medical

AAPE is proud and delighted to, once again, be working in partnership with Hallam Medical to support the AAPE UK annual conference in June.

Hallam Medical are a framework accredited healthcare recruitment specialist, supporting NHS and private healthcare services across the UK with the provision of experienced Healthcare Professionals. They are the UK’s leading provider of Advanced Practitioners and are a specialist agency supporting Urgent Care, Primary Care, Emergency Services, Community Health Care Services, and 111 Pathways Services.

Founder and Clinical Director of Hallam Medical, Alex Munro said:

“Hallam Medical are extremely proud to partner with Association of Advanced Practice Educators. AAPE UK are a critical and very powerful influencer for the continual development and growth of Advanced Practice in the UK and across the globe. As the UK’s leading provider of Advanced Practitioners to both our NHS client and private healthcare providers, this partnership is vitally important to us. We are very pleased to renew our agreement with AAPE UK and continue our support with them.”

Chair of AAPE UK Kathy Haigh and Deputy Chair Anna Jones said:

“The reach of AAPE UK in supporting Advanced Practice Education and Advanced Practitioners on a national and global scale would not be possible without Hallam Medical’s support. We as AAPE UK are extremely proud to work with such a dynamic company who truly understand and appreciate the impact of Advanced Practice in healthcare.”

Participatory Research June 2023 Huddersfield Conference Report

Anna Jones (Cardiff University), Colette Henderson (University of Dundee), Jonathan Thomas (Swansea University)

With thanks to AAPE for providing generous funding which was used towards travel and accommodation costs for Anna, Colette and Jon to attend a participatory research full day event in Huddersfield.

The aim of participatory research is to provide participants with the opportunity to develop their ‘voice’ to raise key concerns and issues. The participatory research event offered a unique opportunity to colleagues from across the UK to work together on ‘Aspiring Advanced Clinical Practice’. We aimed to actively involve “co-researchers” who would conventionally be regarded as research “participants” in supporting understanding of the key issues and concerns relevant to commencing advanced practice programmes of education. Central to participatory research is the notion of empowerment and this is vital to support embedding research active advanced practitioners.

We collaborated on a full day event the outcomes of which will be published. We supported individual voices to be heard and enabled newly qualified ANP’s to participate in research activity.

The topics raised will be used to inform the development of the Student Handbook housed on AAPE UK website.

We will upload this report and subsequent publications to AAPE UK website.



Provided by Sally Gosling (HEE Subject Matter Expert Credentials) and Katrina Maclaine (AAPE UK Committee Member and Academic Consultant to HEE Implementation of Credentials)

Health Education England’s Centre for Advancing Practice is actively working to promote the delivery of Centre-endorsed credential specifications. The Centre’s approach is continuing to build on stakeholder engagement activity in 2022 that involved higher education institutions (including via AAPE UK). A key focus within this is on supporting the integration of credentials’ delivery within HEIs’ existing advanced practice education provision. To build on this, a series of three webinars is being provided by the Centre and hosted by AAPE UK. The series is designed to provide AAPE members with the opportunities to do the following:

  • Receive and discuss updates on the Centre’s approach to credentials and credential implementation.
  • Consider potential ways of integrating Centre-endorsed credential specifications within advanced practice education provision.
  • Engage in open discussion on enablers and barriers to credential delivery, including to inform the ongoing development of the Centre’s approach.

Webinar 1 was held on Friday 3rd March to provide an initial overview of the intended approach and explore how HEIs can integrate credential delivery within their advanced practice MSc programmes and/or provide a credential as a stand-alone entity specifically for practitioners who have either already gained their MSc or successfully completed the Centre’s ePortfolio (supported) route. The session included time for questions and discussion and identified suggestions for the focus of Webinar 2.  A briefing paper on this topic and the slide deck from webinar 1 are attached for your information. You can also view a presentation with background information on this subject in the first half of the following recording.  If this generates any questions please bring these up at the webinars:  (21) Advanced Practice series: Credential Implementation & Programme Accreditation/Re-Accreditation – YouTube

Webinar 2 will be on Friday 21st April 11am – 1pm.   Please join us using this link  Click here to join the meeting

  • The session will start with consideration of hypothetical scenarios to illustrate how an HEI might provide one or more credentials. The intention is for these to be a catalyst for discussion with attendees.
  • The second part will focus on gaining feedback on draft materials that are being developed to support HEI update of credential delivery.  Three draft documents are attached for you to review before the webinar and to feed your comments into the webinar discussion.  They are as follows:
  • Draft standards for approving HEIs’ delivery plans
  • A draft template for supporting teams’ planning re. credential delivery.
  • An outline for planned guidance on building a business case for credential delivery.

Please note the draft status of these documents. They are being shared for comment, ahead of the webinar. They are not yet ready to be used formally. They should therefore not be shared beyond your teams.

Webinar 3 will be held on Friday 5th May 11am – 1pm.  The agenda for this session will be determined by key topics arising during webinar 2 that warrant further attention.  The meeting link will be sent out following Webinar 2.

To Advanced Practice & Beyond Celebrating Advanced Practice Week

Online webinar Friday 13th November 10.00 a.m.- 12.00 p.m.

No pre-booking needed


As part of the celebrating Advance Practice Week, Dr Anne Johnson Consultant Occupational Therapist will be sharing her experiences of developing her career through advanced practice and beyond into non-medical consultancy.

Anne has many years of experience in healthcare and has worked across a broad range of settings. Her expertise lies in long term conditions management and developing and designing personalised care particularly for people with enduring fatigue. She has a national profile and is an invited member to various groups including the AHP Expert Advisory Group for Macmillan Cancer Support and the Council for Allied health Professions in Research (CAHPR).

The webinar will comprise a presentation by Anne and an interview with Anna Neary, Advanced Clinical Practitioner Apprenticeship Programme Lead, University of the West of England, to explore reflections, barriers and enablers to advanced practice in the workplace.

Download Flyer Here

NMC Round Table 28th July 2010

NMC Round Table 28th July 2010 – Regulating Advanced Practice – Thursday, August 05, 2010

Katrina Maclaine and Dave Barton attend the NMC Round Table on the Regulation of Advanced Practice
The topic of this round table will be the regulation of advanced nursing practice (ANP).

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NMC Statement re: CHRE Report 2009

Following the publication of the Council for Healthcare Regulatory Excellence (CHRE) report on advanced practice, the NMC made the following statement:-

“We still believe that the proliferation of nurses operating at an advanced level and the increasing number of titles used to describe these roles is confusing to the public.

Our concerns about the public safeguarding implications have not changed.
The NMC’s Professional Practice and Registrations Committee (PPRC) will receive a full briefing on the report at its next meeting in September.

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Open Letter to CNOs July 2008

Dr. Peter Carter (General Secretary RCN), Christine Beasely (CNO England), Roz Moore (NO England), Rosemary Kennedy (CNO Wales), Jean White (NO Wales), Paul Martin (CNO Scotland), Mike Sabin (NO Scotland), Martin Bradley (CNO Northern Ireland), Gavin Larner (Head of Implementation Professional Regulation Dept. of Health.)

Dr. David Barton
Chair (and on behalf) of the Association of Advanced Nursing Practice Educators

Dear Colleagues

I write to you as the Chair of Association of Advanced Nursing Practice Educators UK (AAPE) to discuss some of our associations concerns regarding the current and emerging situation on Advanced Nursing Practice in the UK.

AAPE is a collaboration of over forty Universities (and some 160 academics) representing the UK Universities interest in the development of, and educational preparation for, advanced nursing practice. Every member institution is involved in the educational provision of advanced nursing practice – and our key aims are:

Encouraging collaborative curriculum development and standard setting across the 4 countries of the UK
Consultation and advising with other professions, professional and statutory bodies, commissioners, employers and relevant government bodies
Promotion of international links

AAPE is today an influential national lobby that has advised in key strategic developments; the proposed Advanced Practice Register, the Modernising Nursing Careers initiative, and most recently the extending Professional Regulation initiative.

In AAPE’s view, the world of Advanced Nursing Practice has currently never been more topical, or more at risk, as multiple agencies, initiatives, specialities and professions involve themselves in this fundamental development. For example, whilst AAPE has lobbied positively for the introduction of a professional register and a nationally agreed advanced practice competency framework, we have become increasingly frustrated over the prolonged delays that have arisen regarding this initiative at the NMC. We have also noted the recent organisation difficulties that have arisen within the NMC. In the light of those wider problems we of course acknowledge that a crucial first task will be to assure the continuing regulation of the Nursing profession as a whole. Nevertheless, the potential impact of these problems on the development and regulation of Advanced Nursing Practice (and its significant contribution to healthcare) are hampering us, as educators, when trying to provide consistent and measurable educational and clinical standards. We cannot lose sight of the fact that Advanced Nursing Practice in the UK is not professionally regulated, and that we as educators need to be able to properly assure and monitor the demand for this clinical education in terms of outcome and best patient care.

AAPE has contributed, with others, to the Modernising Nursing Careers initiative and its promising and encouraging development of the Advanced Practice Toolkit, but we are now conscious that the four country perspective may differ on how this toolkit may, or may not, be implemented. Coupled with this are the multiple competency frameworks that are proliferating at this time from diverse professions, specialist groups, specialist forums, and from the more extensive and far reaching Department of Health, KSF and Skills for Health initiatives. For example, we are aware that the RCN Forums are discussing how advanced practice standards and definitions may be brought together more coherently in the light of their varied and multiple specialisms. Whilst many of these developments are laudable, from an educationalist perspective they are to all intents contrasting and uncoordinated developments, and this is making effective curricular design and programme delivery increasing complex and evermore difficult.

Finally, we are particularly concerned over the multitude of ongoing but disparate developments and initiatives throughout the UK in service provider organisations as they grapple to make some form of sense of Advanced Nursing Practice and its place in clinical practice.

Naturally, as senior educators, we are keen that all these developments should be coordinated and advised with appropriate representation from the Universities; as ultimately they are the institutions that will be called on to deliver such education in conjunction and collaboration with service providers. Issues of curricular design, commissioning, evidence base and strategic educational planning for advanced nursing practice cannot be properly undertaken without involvement and sensible collaboration with the Universities and their educational expertise and resource.

We would be grateful to have your views in these issues, and indications on how you see that these may be resolved. I would like to note that ANNPE is willing and able to provide representation and guidance to any of the developments that are arising from this complex situation.

Many Regards

Dr. David Barton – Ph.D. M.Phil. B.Ed. Dip.N. RN RNT
Chair AAPE