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Hallam Medical was one of the NMC revalidation pilot sites and was the only agency to have worked with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) on Nurse


The evaluation of the pilot was undertaken by Ipsos MORI who surveyed the registrants experiences over the 19 pilot sites involved. The results found that revalidation for nurses and midwives was achievable, desirable and realistic. With more than 2,100 participants involved, from a range of health and social care settings, the overall indication was that revalidation was a positive experience.

Results suggest that nurses and midwives found revalidation straight-forward and that reflection against the Code provided an opportunity for individuals to think about their professional behaviour. Questions and concerns arose, in particular, nurses who trialed the system said more information was needed on the role of the confirmer – the person who will sign off the documentation showing that a registrant has met all the requirements to be revalidated (Nursing Times, 2015).

Commenting on the evaluation, NMC Chief Executive and Registrar Jackie Smith said:

“I am pleased with the feedback received. What’s being said is that revalidation is achievable, desirable, and realistic. Of course, there is a range of things that need ironing out and clarifying, and we will respond positively to this.

“We now know that nurses and midwives across practice settings have tested the revalidation model and they say it works.”

Hallam Medical, as part of their ongoing work to support their nurses with revalidation, have teamed up with their media partner the Journal of Community Nursing to provide each and every nurse with a free online Nurse Revalidation e-portfolio at The e-portfolio is simple and remains with the nurse for the duration of their career.

The feedback enabled the NMC to simplify guidance for nurses and midwives before the launch in April 2016. Other areas for improvement include clarifying the role of the confirmer, developing additional materials for employers and raising awareness of revalidation across all areas where nurses and midwives work, particularly within primary care, social care and the independent sector.

Alex Munro from Hallam Medical

has been touring the country giving talks on revalidation and has said there are many practitioners still unsure about the process and what’s involved however, those who have been through the process have found not found it too onerous and helpful to their practice.

AAPE-UK recommend if you

are seeking further advice and guidance to look at the NMC, Hallam Medical or Apollo Nursing websites.

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