AAPE UK have contributed to the development of this guidance publication:  Developing professional identity in multi-professional teamshttps://www.aomrc.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/Developing_professional_identity_in_multi-professional_teams_0520.pdf

The project began prior to the pandemic but they have decided to release the guidance now to help inform discussions about the restoration and resetting of services, since many of the messages about multi-professional team-working seemed especially pertinent.

Given the timescales and the range of stakeholders involved they didn’t carry out a full consultation prior to publication but are very grateful for the comments and suggestions received along the way. They have cited those who contributed their time and expertise in the report’s Acknowledgements.

Their Chair, Professor Carrie MacEwen, has also produced an accompanying blog post: https://www.aomrc.org.uk/blog/carrie-macewen-blogpost-may-2020/