AAPE UK have noted the announcement that the RCN is to credential Advanced Nurse Practitioners with the aim of improving the consistency related to the use of this title.

Demand for advanced level knowledge and skills is at an all time high in the UK as our health care systems face significant challenges.  Nevertheless, the public and employers are asking for clarity and assurance about the appropriate use of titles, underpinning education, rigour of assessment and governance framework needed for the burgeoning number of posts.

AAPE UK representatives are currently participating in top level discussions related to advanced clinical practice policy, standards and implementation strategies in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.  Whilst the specific priorities vary in each country, there is a common recognition that advanced clinical practice roles have expanded beyond nursing to include allied health professionals and pharmacists.

AAPE UK hope that the production of standards for advanced practice by the professional colleges will support and facilitate the further expansion of advanced practice roles and not result in an incoherent, fragmented approach.

We look forward to hearing more of the RCN work at the launch in November.