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Information for applicants for research funding or scholarly activity from AAPE UK. THE ASSOCIATION OF ADVANCED PRACTICE EDUCATORS Educational Networking for Advanced Practice in the UK Application Form for funding Please note: The AAPE UK Committee will not normally consider requests to fund courses, programmes of study or modules. Consideration will for example, be given to applications for research activity, conferences and networking events only.
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Information for applicants applying for funding from AAPE UK 28/11/2017 35.83 KB Download
Application for funding from AAPE UK 28/11/2017 23.61 KB Download
Conference Presentations & Posters
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Katrina Maclaine presentation RCN ANP Forum Conference 3 Feb 2017 1.88 MB Download
HEE London Conference 30 Nov 2016 KM FINAL 298.84 KB Download
AAPE UK annual conference Glasgow Katrina Maclaine 17/09/2018 522.12 KB Download
RCN ANP Forum Annual Conference Katrina Maclaine 17/09/2018 1.85 MB Download
ICN NP/APN International conference Katrina Maclaine 17/09/2018 285.58 KB Download
Council of Deans/Health Education England ACP Education event 14th September 2018 Katrina Maclaine 17/09/2018 291.02 KB Download
Poster for ICN conference Anna Neary 17/09/2018 373.43 KB Download
AAPE UK Principles to support high quality Advanced Clinical Practice education (Published November 2017)
TitleOwnerModified DateSizeFile
AAPE UK Principles document 213.31 KB Download
Report on Outcomes of AAPE UK survey related to AHPs and Pharmacists accessing Advanced Practice courses in the UK
TitleOwnerModified DateSizeFile
AAPE UK report Katrina Maclaine 10/10/2018 206.84 KB Download
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