We are delighted to note that we have recently welcomed a flurry of new members to our AAPE UK membership making our new total the highest yet at 48 Universities.

The is excellent news.  The more universities we have in our membership, the more power and influence we can have in the current discussions on advanced practice taking place in all four countries of the UK.

AAPE UK’s views on where ACCP’s fit in relation to Advanced Clinical Practice and Medical Associate Professions (MAPs)

Health Education England have been conducting a series of seminars on MAPs roles.  These have included presentations that present Advanced Critical Care Practitioners as MAPs who are categorised as “dependent clinicians” who “provide patient care under the supervision of a senior doctor”.

This has led to much debate on social media.  We therefore thought it important to share what AAPE UK stated in our response to the MAPs consultation held at the end of 2017:

“AAPE UK consider that it has been an error of judgement to include ACCP’s within this consultation under the umbrella of “Medical Associate Professions”. There are hundreds of Advanced Practitioners across the UK who work in Critical Care and ITU settings who are demonstrating safe and effective advanced level clinical practice in their direct patient care, work within teams and in evaluations and research.    Only a very small proportion of these have been opted to join the voluntary register with FCIM, many citing that they wanted a postgraduate education that developed them beyond the narrow medicalised focus of the FCIM ACCP curriculum.  

These ACCPs recognise that advanced practice extends beyond a “medical model dependent focus” as advocated by Health Education England in their recently published Multi-professional Advanced Clinical Practice Framework for England (November 2017) and the Welsh, Scottish and Northern Ireland equivalents.

There are other advanced practice roles such as Advanced Clinical Practitioner (Royal College of Medicine) that have not been included in this consultation so we are unclear why the ACCP has been chosen in isolation”. 

AAPE UK has previously raised this discrepancy with HEE and will do so again next week at the HEE ACP Operational working group meeting.  We are concerned that the association between  ACCP’s and MAPs will perpetuate and reinforce the alignment of advanced practice with medicine which many of us have been trying to move away from for many years.

New information added to AAPE UK website

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  • Advanced Practice week 2018 #AdvPracWeek18
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Please sign up! Important opportunity to influence Health Education England work to implement their Multiprofessional Advanced Clinical Practice Framework for England.

HEE is working in partnership with NHSE, NHSI and partners across the system to establish an Academy to support the development of Advanced and Consultant Practice

We are asking all interested parties to sign up to participate in the co-production of this work please register your interest here: we will supply press releases in due course


OFFICIAL LAUNCH of AAPE UK Principles to support high quality Advanced Clinical Practice education

To coincide with the first Advanced Practice week in the UK, AAPE UK are delighted to publish their first set of Principles to support high quality Advanced Clinical Practice education.  We hope that these will prove to be a valuable resource to all those involved in educating health professionals to achieve an advanced level of clinical practice in the UK.

Please read the attachment.

If you have any feedback please contact Katrina Maclaine via


COUNCIL OF DEANS Advanced Clinical Practitioner Apprenticeship WEBINAR

Welcome to the first Advanced Practice week in the UK   #AdvPracWeek17

It is very timely that the Council of Deans have provided the Webinar that we held on the Advanced Clinical Practitioner degree Apprenticeship via You Tube.

The Council of Deans of Health’s hosted a webinar on Tuesday 31st January 2017 in which Pat Hibberd (University of Birmingham) and Katrina Maclaine (London South Bank University) provided an update on the Advanced Clinical Practitioner Apprenticeship and the HEE multi-professional framework for ACP.

A recording of the webinar is now available for you to watch to via our YouTube channel and can be accessed by clicking here.

We hope that this will be useful for those of you who were unable to join the Webinar.

Further updates on the progress with this Apprenticeship will be provided on the AAPE UK website