AAPE UK Membership benefits

AAPE UK Membership Categories

AAPE UK Full Member:
Membership for a fully paid up member HEI institution. Full membership allows free access to AAPE UK events, access to all consultation activity, and access to the members’ area of the Website. Full members are eligible to vote and stand for committee membership.

AAPE UK Associate Member:
Membership for other stakeholders with a specific interest in Advanced Practice. Associate members have the same rights as Full Members. However the Governing Committee may not have more than three Associate Members elected at any one time, and Associate Members may not be elected to the role of Chair, Deputy Chair / Secretary or Treasurer (Article 7.3.).

AAPE UK Membership Issues

Full Membership of the AAPE UK is Higher Education Institution based (rather than based on individuals). Thus, there is no restriction on the number of individual AAPE UK members represented from each HEI.

Full AAPE UK membership is open to any Higher Education Institute preparing / delivering full undergraduate and / or postgraduate programmes of education developing nurses to work as Advanced Nurse Practitioners or in a similar advanced clinical role.

Each Full Member HEI will have a designated contact person responsible for authorising the payment of the membership fee; replying to circulated emails and updating the other interested parties from the HEI.

Co-option of advisors with specific expertise to AAPE UK membership or activities will be considered by the Committee as the need arises and will be recorded separately from the AAPE UK Full or Associate membership list as ‘Co-opted advisor’.

AAPE UK Membership Fees

The Membership fees have remained at £150 per year per HEI since 2014.

This annual fee covers administrative costs, web-site costs, speaker fees and conference fees. Paid members have free access to AAPE UK events.

HEIs or individuals attending AAPE UK events who are not paid AAPE UK members fee will be required to pay a pre-determined entrance fee (per person) on the day.

The AAPE UK annual membership fee will be invoiced from each HEI in January of each year.

For Enquires Regarding AAPE UK Membership Fees Contact:

Hilary Walsgrove [Treasurer] hwalsgrove@bournemouth.ac.uk